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Welcome to the 6 Foot Film Sprint.

The Sprint lives! Filmmaking today may require distance, but we may still create, express and play. Participants assemble a remote and distanced team of one or more people to write, shoot, and edit an original short film in the span of a week. Prompts to be included in all films are announced at the live launch. Each team receives unique, randomly-assigned prompts to ensure the originality of a film.

We encourage the use use of cell phones, online edit tools, and social media platforms to create content. Northampton Open Media (NOM) will be conducting classes and Zoom meetings to help participants navigate the new landscape of filmmaking.

Signups for the 7 Foot Film Sprint will be open at www.7dayfilmsprint.com through the start of the live launch online on Wednesday April 29th at 7pm. Films will be due by Wednesday May 6th at 11:59pm and the live online screening will be conducted on Friday May 8th at 7pm.


You will be given a series of prompts to guide your production.

The universal prompt, that all teams must utilize, is a word, spoken or appearing on screen in your film, that will be announced at our launch on Wednesday April 29 at 7pm, along with additional prompts that will be drawn on a team-by-team basis. There will be no trading of prompts this year.

Prompts should be broadly interpreted – use them to get creative, not to limit your vision!

The Sprintys

The Sprintys screening party will be held on Friday, May 8th at 7pm, live online on NOM.

Content and Technical Details

Films are up to 2 minutes in length. Films may also contain up to 20 seconds of credits, which will not be debited against the two minute length cap of the film.

Content must be at most PG-13. Northampton Community Television will have final say regarding appropriateness and acceptability of a film. Do not use any copyrighted music, images, or audio in this film. There is an abundance of copyright-free, creative commons sources available online. Please contact us if you need assistance in finding these sources.

Recommended export settings are 1920×1080 at 24fps in the MP4 format.

End credits should include the phrase, spoken or written “A Community Media project with Northampton Open Media.”

Northampton Open Media Resources

NOM’s physical spaces are currently on hiatus as we as a world deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In light of that, we would like to encourage you to creat using the tools you may have around you. And we would like to encourage you to think about what those tools may be and how you may use them. We are holding a series of workshops to encourage that kind of thinking. Those include:

Tuesday, April 21st at 6pm on NOM Zoom
Learn tips and techniques to produce content using your phone.

Friday, April 24th at 3pm on NOM Zoom
Come discuss tools and ideas with staff and community.

Monday, April 27th at 3pm on NOM Zoom
Come discuss tools and ideas with staff and community.


Submit your film by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, May 6th, 2020 by uploading it to the link we provide you!

We encourage you to use #FilmSprint on social media.

Below is a playlist with all of the 2019 films. Click the playlist icon in the top left corner to see all the films.

Submit Your Film

Submit your finished film on this page by 11:59 PM on Wednesday, May 6th, 2020 by uploading it via the link provided to teams.