Board of Directors Nomination

NCTV Membership,

In 2015 one generally elected seat on the NCTV Board of Directors will be open. Here’s the information you need regarding the nomination and election of the elected seats on the NCTV Board of Directors.

The board has identified a particular need for a member who has a background in finance or accounting and may be interested in serving as the Treasurer for the organization.

There are two ways in which candidates for the NCTV Board of Directors can be advanced onto the ballot. The following attached forms will also be available on our web site

  1. NCTV Board of Directors Slate Nomination Form 
    These forms will be advanced to the NCTV Nomination Committee who will choose a slate of at least one candidate from these forms for the ballot.  Please include a short description of the qualifications of the candidate.
  2.  NCTV Board of Directors Signatures Nomination Form
    This form requires a candidate to collect signatures representing 10% of NCTV qualified membership. Please include a short description of the qualifications of the candidate.

If you have any questions, please contact Al Williams at

Nominations are due October 1, 2015.  Forms should be at NCTV prior to 5:00pm on that date. They can be emailed to or brought or snail mailed to:
Northampton Community Television
380 Elm St.
Northampton, MA 01060

We also have a mailbox in the Northampton High School Office where you can leave mail for us at the desk during their office hours.

All forms will be submitted to the NCTV Nomination Committee.  That committee will provide a ballot and summaries for candidates which will be sent via email or mail to NCTV members.

Al Williams
Executive Director
Northampton Community Television

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