Child Abuse Awareness Breakfast

The Annual Child Abuse Awareness Breakfast, held at the Log Cabin in Holyoke, is the chief fundraiser for the Northwestern Children’s Advocacy Center.
Through its child-friendly facilities and multidisciplinary approach, the Northwestern Children’s Advocacy Center coordinates the work of medical and mental health providers, social workers, service advocates, law enforcement officers, and prosecutors to reduce trauma and promote healing for victims of child abuse.

The goals of the Children’s Advocacy Center are:
To minimize the trauma experienced by children and adolescents who are victims of abuse
To improve the investigation and prosecution of sexual and physical abuse cases from the point of intervention through treatment
To promote interagency collaboration and effective management in sexual and physical abuse cases
To prevent further abuse of victims
To provide quality training for professionals in the investigation, prosecution and provision of services for sexually and physically abused children and their non-offending caretakers

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