FlipCam Gets a Flu Shot In Florence

Northampton’s Board of Health held a Flu Clinic at the Florence Community Center, Saturday, January 12, 2013. The NCTV Flip Cam dropped in, got a shot and found plenty of other local media makers there too. We meet Northampton’s Amir, currently working for Channel 40 (he knows NCTV Vet Gary Rivest!). We ran into Andy Turrett of Audio Daddy-O, too. He always wears a great watch. It’s almost like you were there–but didn’t have to stand in line! Apologies for the middle, where the Flip Cam is called to the table for the actual Flu Shot.

Tags: Northampton, Florence, Community, Center, Free, Flu, Shot, Clinic, Andy Turrett, Amir Norman, Channel 40, Alicia Ralph

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