Focus Locus Screening “The Cards”

TITLE: The Cards
Director: Jacob Bridgman
Run Time: 55 minutes

The Cards is a psychological thriller following 17 year old Ada Welles as she navigates a life she can’t remember. Following a nearly fatal car accident, Ada can’t form new memories. Now, she must put all of her trust into her friends, but the line between trust and truth is more blurry than she thought.
The Cards is directed by Jake Bridgman, a Northampton native and current student at Emerson College. The Cards is produced by NHS Teacher, Jeromie Whalen and Jake Bridgman in association with Northampton Community Television.

The Cards stars Alex Wills, Sarina Hahn, Alex Koester, Isabella Forman, Luke Bosco and Jimmy Murphy.

After he screening there will be a Q & A session with director Jacob Bridgman about independent filmmaking.

FOCUS LOCUS – Free monthly intimate film screenings of locally produced art, independent works, discussions among filmmakers and aficionados, video open mics and community building. A new project of Northampton Community Television.

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