In Umbria: The Story of Jack Gilbert

A short docudrama written and directed by Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert, a student at Northampton High School. This film was part of an assignment in Ms. Strauss’ Sophomore Honors English class.

Written/Directed by Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert
Produced by Katie Schmittlein & Jonathan Minoff
Sound by Saadya Chevan
Editing & Color by Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert


Jonathan Minoff … Jack Gilbert
Katie Schmittlein … Linda Gregg
Kahlila Muller … Michiko Nogami
Ilan Korman … Gerald Stern
Saadya Chevan … Narrator
Olivia Ferguson … Gianna Gelmetti / Arich
Josh Flannery … Giovanni Gelmetti / King of Siam
Lulu Kline …
Troy Cronin … Library Spectator
Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert … Library Spectator / Mr. O’Connor

Tags: Northampton Community Television, Northampton High School, Short Film, Honors Sophomore English, English Class, Student Film, Suzanne Strauss, Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert, Jonathan Minoff, Jack Gilbert, Katie Schmittlein, Linda Gregg, Kahlila Muller, Michiko Nogami, Ilan Korman, Gerald Stern, Saadya Chevan, Narrator, Olivia Ferguson, Gianna Gelmetti, Arich, Josh Flannery, Giovanni Gelmetti, King of Siam, Lulu Kline, Troy Cronin, Library Spectator, Mr. O’Connor

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