Live stream, 2/28/21 @2PM

The Northampton Arts Council presents February’s Finest: The Best of Four Sundays 2014-2020 a video collection showcasing a mix of our most highly-acclaimed Four Sundays in February series shows, compiled and remastered with Northampton Open Media. Spotlighting moments of magic from classic shows like Mumbai in Massachusetts, The Really Big Gong Show, Music in Motion, Sunday Afternoon Live, Big Bird comes to Northampton, Miwa Matreyek: This World Made Itself, Back to The Baystate and more! Relive amazing performances from gifted local artists to visiting international stars! Although many of these great shows were appreciated by packed houses on their debut, it is now time to let them be enjoyed by wider audiences on the internet and from the comfort of one’s own home. This compilation intertwines sensational scenes from our numerous February stage productions into a compellingly fresh narrative for video audiences. February’s Finest: The Best of Four Sundays 2014-2020 will reaffirm the remarkable community we live in and the undeniable gift of art.SHOW LESS

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Live at 6:45

Live 3/11/21 @ 6:45