Making a Crowdfunding Video

As your community media center in Northampton, one of the services NCTV offers to non-profits is that we help create 2 minute Kickstarter/Indiegogo videos or 30 second PSA’s to run on our channels and to be available on youtube and to send to other stations.


Here’s a few examples:

Indiegogo –

Kickstarter – 

(this one is 11 minutes, but we did not do the editing)


If this is something of interest to you, we should set up a production meeting either in person or on the phone to go over the details and what you are looking for.  We could shoot interview-style or record a voiceover in our studio, or shoot something on location. If you’d like to provide supplemental video, graphics, or photos, we’d be happy to include it in the final edit.

Please note: we are able to spend a max of 3 hours of shooting, and we will do one re-cut based on your feedback (it is a free service we provide, but we can’t tie ourselves down to an elaborate production with multiple re-edits, as it is very time consuming to do so).  You or someone else on your staff are welcome to access the raw footage and re-edit if the one re-cut is not to your liking.


If you wanted to shoot something on your own, we can provide you with the camera and editing training and you are welcome to shoot it as well.

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