Making Up Love – Part 2

New Century Theatre actors perform a scripted scene line by line while Happier Valley Comedy improvisers walk into the scene for the first time, performing their parts out of thin air.

Based on Happier Valley Comedy’s popular SCRIPTED/UNSCRIPTED show, this unique performance captures that great lover’s leap into the unknown. Will they swipe left or right? Make a love match or wind up in divorce court? Nobody knows how these love ’em or leave ’em stories are going to turn out until the lights go up, the scripted actors meets eyes with the unscripted improvisers, and the sparks fly. One thing is for sure, Shakespeare had it right when he wrote, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” But it does run hilariously in MAKING UP LOVE.

Featuring Happier Valley Comedy Improvisers: Scott Braidman, Maureen McElligott, Laura Patrick, Maile Shoul, Christine Stevens, Pam Victor and New Century Theatre Actors: Lisa Abend, Stephanie Carlson, Cate Damon, Sam Rush, Sam Samuels.

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School Committee 2/23/17

Making Up Love – Part 3