My Confession: I LOVE Acid

After Liz uses LSD to improve her art skills Liz discovers that taking drugs isn’t always a good idea…

This film was made for a Northampton High School Wellness Class, and is not intended to promote using drugs.

Directed by Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert
Written by Katie Schmittlein & Cassandra Bils


Liz … Katie Schmittlein
Kai … Cassandra Bils
Spirit Wanderer … Jonathan Minoff
Gabe … Tieren Costello
James … Ben Hill
Mr. Jacobson .. Caison Warner

Tags: LSD, Acid, Art, Art Class, Chemistry, Theater, Acting, Short Film, Student Film, Benjamin Bradley-Gilbert, Katie Schmittlein, Cassandra Bils, Jonathan Minoff, Lysergic acid diethylamide, Drugs, wellness, wellness film

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