New Drobo Policy

Dear Northampton Community Television Members,

This past weekend we checked out 5 Canon T4is, 4 Canon T3is, a JVC HM100 and a Canon XH-A1. We are proud to have such an active and talented membership, and love nothing more than seeing you create. With all this shooting comes hours and hours of beautiful HD video, but that beauty has a cost.

Our current Drobo network attached storage system is routinely running out of space, making it difficult for new productions to proceed smoothly. We are in the process of upgrading to higher capacity drives, but we need set policy to make sure that we aren’t in the same situation six months from now.

From this point forward, all projects that have been completed, exported and aired will be deleted. We plan on maintaining an archive drive of completed videos and they will be available on YouTube, but holding onto all of the source footage just isn’t realistic. If you believe that you have source footage here that should be saved, we ask that you transfer it to your own hard drive and bring it home.

Any projects that have sat idle for 6 months will be deleted. In the coming weeks we will be contacting individuals to jump-start stalled projects, or request that they bring in drives to do their own archiving. We will contact you via the phone number and email you provided with your membership before deleting these old projects. You must respond within 1 week of our initial contact if you want to save the files. We don’t want to delete anybody’s baby so please help us out by cleaning out your project folders and backing up anything you want to keep on your own external hard drives. 

Thank you for your cooperation,

Northampton Community Television Staff

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Northampton School Committee 3/13/14

Board of Public Works 2/24/14