Noho Live & Speak Up America – Episode 1

Host “Downtown” Daniel Evans of Northampton brings awareness of the struggle of veterans trying to find shelter and food through local music and community.

Part 1 – Downtown Daniel performs at the First Church in Northampton. Mixed in are a few viewpoints and opinions from the public on a proposal ballot for equity pertaining to drug and truth testing those in government who serve us.

Produced by Daniel Evans
Video by Bob Danylieko, Dann Vazquez, & Terrence Smith

Tags: Downtown Dan, Daniel Evans, Bob Danylieko, Dann Vazquez, Terrence Smith, Tuskegee Airmen, veterans, speak up america, messages to the world, teaser, man on the street, interviews, candid, America, veterans, homeless, war, free speech, public opinion

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Planning Board 11/10/16

The Intersection: Mental Health and Substance Use