Chapter 1 Premiere Friday 8/7 at 7pm

Northampton MA & Climate Change: How Are We Responding?

This documentary is about the work being done in the City of Northampton to address the impacts of climate change. It will be released in chapters to focus on different themes and to follow initiatives that are ongoing.

The story starts with the City’s climate action plan, then expands to look at efforts in non-governmental realms – not-for-profits, activists, the business community and individual citizens. This project is meant to help Northampton residents understand what is happening within our City and learn how they can support the goal to drive down carbon emissions and slow the impacts of climate change.

This project is produced by Katherine McCusker with support from a Northampton Open Media production grant. New episodes will premiere Friday evenings at 7 from August 7th to September 4th.

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Carinae Summer Concert

Recorded 8/6/20