Northampton DPW Rally for the Arts 2012

Pioneer Valley artists gather to exhibit the items that they create using reused materials. The items include: clothing, furniture, lamps, pictures, jewelry, bags, books, everyday household items and more.


Debbie Kates
Barbara Beach
Anna Boisvert
David Boles
Laura Bundesen
Katie Cavacco
Dee Dee Garlo
Dave Giese
Barbara Goldstein
Trent Guihan
Shoshona King
Macey Faiella
Amber Ladley
Nathalie Lewis
Zoe Ma
Bob Markey
Bob Melnik
Sharon Raymond
Abby Rieser
Amy Wasserman
Jeff Weeks
Don Farron
Helen Yagodzinski

Tags: Northampton, Reuse Committee, DPW, Jessica Tanner, Rally for the Arts, 2012, Reuse, Reused materials, fabric art, artists, Reuse Artists, Debbie Kates, Barbara Beach, Anna Boisvert, David Boles, Laura Bundesen, Katie Cavacco, Dee Dee Garlo, Dave Giese, Barbara Goldstein, Trent Guihan, Shoshona King, Macey Faiella, Amber Ladley, Nathalie Lewis, Zoe Ma, Bob Markey, Bob Melnik, Sharon Raymond, Abby Rieser, Amy Wasserman, Jeff Weeks, Don Farron, Helen Yagodzinski

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