Orienteering Junior Nationals & 2018 Troll Cup on Mt. Tom

New England Orienteering Club hosted the 2018 US Junior Nationals and the 2018 Troll Cup on Mt Tom, April 27 & 28th. See a sprinter finish, a chat with participants from around the country, and be bedazzled with the finalists’ trophies and medals.
The 2018 US Junior National Championships is a 2-day classic championship event sanctioned by Orienteering USA. (This event was previously called the Intercollegiate/Interscholastic Championships.) There are championship classes for college, high school, middle school, and primary school students. There will be pre-assigned interval starts both days. Champions will be determined by their cumulative time for the two races.

The 2018 Troll Cup is a 2-day classic national event sanctioned by the Orienteering USA. Pre-assigned intervals started the first day. The second day featured a chase start based on the first day’s results. For each course, the winner of that course started first. Subsequent competitors started at intervals equal to their time back on the first day. Awards were determined by cumulative time for the two races.

Video by Alicia Ralph

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