Paradise City Press: Fire Consumes Highway Auto Salvage

NORTHAMPTON — Northampton firefighters responded Friday morning to a fire that broke out at Highway Auto Salvage on Route 5.

David Amos, owner of the salvage yard, explained the fire began after an employee cutting an exhaust off of a vehicle sparked gas vapors in the garage bay, which quickly spread to other parts of the building. Amos and another employee attempted to extinguish the fire, but were unable to successfully control it. “We both used two big fire extinguishers,” stated Amos, “and that didn’t even do anything: once the black smoke came and we couldn’t see, that was it.”

While all Highway Auto Salvage employees were able to safely exit the building, a firefighter at the scene was injured after falling from a ladder, Amos said.

Though the extent of the damage is still being assessed, Amos plans to rebuild and continue operating the family business. “We’ve been here fifty-seven years,” Amos said, “…we’re not going anywhere.”

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Fire at Highway Auto Salvage

Northampton City Council 6/20/13