The Ghost Bike Migrates, from the Main St Intersection to the Gare Garage

The first video I took was of Harry’s riding bike, as it was being measured and analyzed as part of the accident investigation. That evening, the atmosphere at the intersection had changed. Those who saw it happen and those who wanted details were stunned by the pieces left behind by the ambulance. Nurses eating outside at Spoletos had run to help.

Harry Delmolino’s Ghost Bike appeared in Northampton soon after his death in May 2012. It remained at the intersection of Main and Pleasant Streets for months. Then, while I was taping a Northampton Draws event behind Thornes during Northampton’s Sidewalk Sales, I noticed the ghost bike by the Gare Garage. At first, it chilled me, seeing it “out of place.”

Questions: Who moved it? When? Why?

But, then, I thought, maybe a loved one brought him(it) over to hang out with all the fun creative people that filled the gap between Thornes and the Garage that day. Who wouldn’t have loved being there? This piece is just a take on the ghost bike’s migration/movement. The intent is dreamlike, fragmented memory, with, I hope, an appropriate soundscape.

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