WOFA African Drum and Dance Troupe

WOFA is a Pioneer Valley Performing Arts School African Drum and Dance troupe lead by Guinea Artist Alpha Kaba Bisko. They are currently performing and giving workshops in any venue that will have them from Maine to Cape Cod, including schools, churches, street performances, music venues, store fronts, and the like. Their mission is to raise enough money to send the troupe to Guinea in January 2014 so they can immerse themselves in the culture from which their craft originated. They are presently learning French, designing their own authentic costumes, and learning how to choreograph and compose song and dance, all the while becoming fluent in the art of self promotion. They are a dynamic and culturally diverse group of students with a real passion and commitment to what they do.

Tags: Henry White, PVPA, WOFA, African Drum, Pioneer Valley, Dance, Northampton, performing arts

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