Interdependence Day Celebration 7/2/16

The First Annual Northampton Interdependence Day Festival! Children’s Theater! Street Theater! Puppets! Music! and Action! Inspiration for one and all! Led by Beth Fairservis, puppet master and visionary artist, a group of local dramatists, artists, poets, musicians and activists are planning to fill downtown Northampton with sights and sounds evoking the world we love, the world that is in our grasp to create. As Beth says, “we’ll be sharing gratitude for the beautiful world in which we live and clarifying our vision for the future which encompasses sustainability, resiliency, ingenuity and love. Our name for this Festival is ‘The World We Love’!”

Video by Paki Wieland

Tags: Paki Wieland, The World we Love, interdependence day, street theater, street theatre, puppets, puppetry, celebration, community, love, peace, protest

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