Sigrid Schmalzer: Red Revolution, Green Revolution 2/9/16

Sigrid Schmalzer presents her new book “Red Revolution, Green Revolution: Scientific Farming in Socialist China,” which looks at how socialist political ideas influence Chinese agricultural practices and the concepts of science and modernization on which those practices are based. She points to the ways in which Maoist anti-technocratic ideas have influenced some of the sustainability movements of modern-day China. And she makes clear the deep differences between our own ideas about the relationship between politics and science and those of China, where science is not a separate sphere but is pervaded by politics through and through.

Presentation at Broadside Bookshop in Northampton, MA

Video by Paki Wieland

Tags: Paki Wieland, Broadside Bookshop, Sigrid Schmalzer, China, Revolution, farming, science, agricultural, socialist, socialism, Mao, Maoist, sustainability, politics, socio-economic, modernization, technology, agriculture, protest

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