Transperformance 2012: Evelyn Harris with the Sole Stirrers as Sam Cooke

Transperformance is an annual fundraising event jointly presented by the Northampton Arts Council and the PTOs of the four Northampton elementary schools, J.F.K. Middle School and Northampton High School. The PTOs use funds from Transperformance for Arts Enrichments Programs, and the Northampton Arts Council uses some funds to provide a second round of funding that supports the work of many local artists and performing groups. This year’s theme was Food Groups. Enjoy!

Evelyn Harris grew up singing along with all the R&B crooners and wanted to be like Sam Cooke above all others! Mastering the craft of songwriting with rich melodies and conversational lyrics, he made us believe every word! Pure emotion was poured into his compositions and his versatile singing voice held sway to every note…from a whisper to a shout! What an honor to cover Sam Cooke tonight, one of the first Black artists to successfully negotiate ownership of his master tapes and to start his own record company. Traditionally, Black artists received one-time payments walking out the studio door while the white record company execs enjoyed a perpetual pay-day from the sweat and toil of many gifted composers, singers, even multi-instrumentalists! Please welcome our band, The Sole Stirrers, with Dave Stern (guitar), Paul Kochanski (bass), and Bruce Kelley (drums). Now get your dancing shoes ready and join us as we go Twistin’ The Night Away!

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