Transperformance 2012: Rocky Roberts and Friends as The Flying Burrito Brothers

Transperformance is an annual fundraising event jointly presented by the Northampton Arts Council and the PTOs of the four Northampton elementary schools, J.F.K. Middle School and Northampton High School. The PTOs use funds from Transperformance for Arts Enrichments Programs, and the Northampton Arts Council uses some funds to provide a second round of funding that supports the work of many local artists and performing groups. This year’s theme was Food Groups. Enjoy!

Rocky Robers has been in the music since inexplicably finding himself working on the stage at Woodstock on one other hot day in August. Since moving to the Valley a decade ago, he has been performing with a never-ending parade of friends. It’s settled into pals Ray Mason on bass, Don McAulay on drums, and Bethanie Yeakle on vocals and guitar. Sadly, Bob Hennessy is doing research at an undisclosed beach. Filling in on guitar: the one and only Jim Armenti.

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